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About EV Toronto

Dubai Hybrid TaxisEV Toronto Corporation is the culmination of my lifelong passion for green energy. Our mission is to raise awareness of fuel-efficient electric and hybrid vehicles, and to highlight the environmental threat that traditional vehicles and their carbon dioxide emissions present.

With more cars being added onto the streets of every city across the world each day, carbon emissions are reaching unprecedented levels. It is vital that we protect our natural environment by making responsible choices when it comes to transport solutions, and at EV Toronto, we endeavour to do just this.

My story begins in 2006. I was living in Dubai, and everyone was excited when New York announced that its famous yellow cabs would all become gas-electric hybrid by 2012. Major cities including London and Chicago were also going hybrid, and Dubai was keen to follow suit.

The government took the green transport issue seriously, and created plans to introduce the first hybrid taxi to Dubai, with a long-term view to introducing a fleet of 6,000 taxis, all utilising environmentally friendly hybrid technology. The addition of hybrid cars constituted part of a wider plan to provide an environmentally friendly transport system by converting all vehicles in Dubai to green ones.

Tahoe Test DriveAt this time, I was working at General Motors Middle East Distribution, and had little knowledge of how the hybrid car would function in the extreme weather conditions of Dubai. I knew that there was a niche for green transport, even in oil-rich countries like UAE and Saudi Arabia, but had no idea how it could work. Dubai’s extreme weather conditions, humidity (which can reach a staggering 100%), sand, heat from the roads and temperatures up to 50 degrees made the implementation of hybrid transport difficult.

My colleagues at General Motors did not treat the project with the importance it deserved, and the only support I received was from Terry Johnssen, Vice President of General Motors. He had faith in the initiative, and faith in General Motors to play a key role in it.

Dubai Taxi HybridWe experienced, however, tremendous resistance from Detroit when trying to introduce the project into Dubai, compounded by weak support internally from the General Motors Middle Eastern team. I spent a long time undertaking research in order to obtain the final NOD by bringing 12 hybrid cars to Dubai for testing with the Roads and Transport Authority.

We faced incredible stress due to resistance from the General Motors team, and as a result of this I submitted my resignation in December 2007. I was then assigned as Environmental and Project Manager for Hybrid Deployment in the Middle East, again with General Motors Middle East.

As a consequence of the economic depression, General Motors did not aggressively target any green initiatives, and on 1 June 2009 filed for bankruptcy protection. This was a move that would have been unthinkable for a company like General Motors before, but one that became inevitable after years of losses, market share declines and a dramatic plunge in sales. After General Motors declared bankruptcy, other manufacturers took the lead and introduced hybrid vehicles and electrical buses into the region.

The aim of our project was to test the vehicles, which were tortured by being driven in the most extreme weather temperatures. The results were a success. Again, however, the pressure was mounting, and I left the company in peace in September 2009. I left General Motors with a legacy that they failed to leverage on, but with a wealth of knowledge and insight that one day I vow to see become a reality.

Our Story in Toronto

My environmental awareness is largely down to my Canadian wife Viviane, my daughters and my son. As a result of this, in 2010 I took a consulting job for a private firm and started exploring the Chinese market. I also concentrated on investigating sustainable, green transport - from electrical buses that could run up to 350km per electrical charge with a full load to electrical vehicles that can ran up to 500km per charge. This opened my eyes and led me to a plan - to establish the first green transportation in Toronto.

Tahoe Hybrid TaxiToronto is such vibrant city, and as my new home I feel that I have to do something for the city. To begin things I emailed the Mayor of Toronto, Mayor Ford, but was disappointed by the difficulties I experienced in reaching him. I shelved the project ,waiting for answers, and kept on researching.

In order for any city to have electrical vehicles, it require electrical charging stations, and these demand major government support and funding. This is something that, as of yet, I have been unable to secure.

Hybrid BusMy mission is getting tougher by the day – to document my ideas and create a plan that will contribute to the future of my city, Toronto.

The environment and air pollution are huge concerns, not only in Toronto but across the world, and frankly, my initiative has nothing to do with profit, but is about leaving a legacy behind for future generations.

Tahoe HybridIt's important to remember, however, that you cannot simply deploy electrical or hybrid vehicles without detailed preparation from all angles. There are a myriad of factors to take into account, including country regulations, dealer readiness, training, safety, and awareness. My expertise will enable you to do this correctly and effectively.

Here is a sample of the consulting services I offer:

  • None profit green Initiative for Canada
  • Green transport solutions for Canada
  • Providing electrical and hybrid deployment solution plans
  • Electrical bus transportation insights
  • Providing EV, sales, marketing and service readiness plans
  • Providing automotive market information on the Middle East – the good, the bad and the ugly
  • Information on doing automotive business in the Middle East and using the right partners
  • Automotive business opportunities
  • Other business opportunities and revenue sources for the Middle Eastern market

Today, I reside between Toronto & Montreal, I’m available to meet for network and discuss business opportunities & share my insights and knowledge.

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